Purpose of the Student Membership and Networking Committee:

• To advocate for ISPA and convey the benefits of being an ISPA member to school psychology students so as to enhance the representation and role of school psychology students within ISPA.
• To provide graduate students with opportunities to share their academic experiences, training experiences, and/or early career ambitions.
• To build bridges of communication and collaboration among school psychology students and colleagues from all over the world throughout the academic year via the facilitation of professional development webinars featuring school psychology students, trainers, and
professionals, in-person and/or virtual networking events, and international research opportunities that will enhance training and early career development.
• To increase the presence and voice of ISPA students at ISPA’s annual conference by encouraging students to participate in presentations and providing them with opportunities to
participate in student-led meetings and social events throughout the duration of the

Over the past two years, the ISPA Student Membership and Networking Committee has facilitaed a
number of professional development webinars led by school psychology students training in Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Belgium, the U.S., and elsewhere. Additionally, online and in-person networking events have been coordinated in order to make networking accessible to a wider range of students and connect ISPA students from all over the globe. Finally, in-person networking events for students are held each year during the annual ISPA and NASP conferences.

Concluding in 2021-2022, students, practitioners, and researchers were invited to participate in a collaborative project, “International Project: School Well-Being,” which allowed school psychologists and school psychologists-in-training to provide an arts-based intervention to schools and collect qualitative data regarding school community and resiliency in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. All the upcoming material of the project was uploaded and disseminated through an online exhibition.