On occasion the Central Office of ISPA is asked for a copy of its membership demographic information, most often email address. It has been the practice of the Central Office as directed by the EC not to make this information available.

The following policy / procedural guidelines are offered to clarify the above statement as well as to give guidance to the Central Office:

Our members contact information is valuable means of communication between the association members, each other and the Executive Committee and the Central Office. The privacy and safe keeping of this contact information is a valued mission of the Association. There are times when the membership might benefit from receiving information and the Central Office then may pass information on to the members in what is commonly referred to as a ‘blast email’. It is not the policy or practice of the Association to share, sell or otherwise distribute the contact information to an outside third party.

At times the Central Office, with guidance from the EC, may forward information to members that was seen as pertinent to both the mission of the association and the benefit of the members or the profession of School Psychology, for example research in the field. If however the nature of the request from a member or an outside third party, is for the possible sale of goods or services, the person requesting the information will be advised of the advertisement schedule for the World Go Round, the Association’s official news letter.

This policy was adopted by the Executive Committee on February 19, 2012.