Terms and Conditions International School Psychology Associaton

Article 1 Definitions and General Agreements
a. The general terms and conditions apply to every offer, quotation and agreement between International School Psychology Association, hereafter called “ISPA”, and a Client, as long as these conditions are not deviated upon expressly and in writing by both parties.
b. These general terms and conditions also apply to any additional assignments and follow-up assignments from clients.
c. The present conditions also apply to agreements with ISPA, for the execution of which by
ISPA third parties should be involved.
d. If one or more stipulations in these terms and conditions at any time would be wholly or partially nullified, then all other stipulations in these general conditions still fully apply. ISPA and the Client will then agree on new provisions to replace the void provisions, aiming to stay as close as possible to the original provisions.
e. If there is uncertainty about the explanation of one or more provisions in these terms and conditions, then the explanation is to take place ‘in the spirit’ of these provisions.
f. If a situation occurs between parties that does not appear in these terms and conditions, this situation must be judged according to the spirit of these general conditions.
g. If ISPA does not always demand the strict compliance with these conditions, this does not mean that its provisions do not apply, nor that ISPA would forfeit the right to claim the strict compliance with the stipulations set in these conditions.
h. These conditions apply to all oral or written offers, assignments and agreements from
ISPA, as far as they have not been expressly deviated upon in writing in advance between parties.
In case of doubt or contention about the text of these terms and conditions the Dutch text version of these conditions will prevail.

Article 2 Offers
a. All quotations from ISPA, including oral offers and announcements
are non-committal and are valid for a period of two weeks, unless expressly stated otherwise.
b. If the quotation is composed of several parts, ISPA is not obliged to perform a part of
the offer for a corresponding part of the price.
c. User of these conditions cannot be held to his quotations or offers if the Client can reasonably understand that the quotations or offers, or a part thereof, contain an obvious typing error or other type of error.
d. If the acceptance (wholly or partially) deviates from the original offer included in the quotation then User is not bound by this acceptance. The agreement then does not come about with this deviating acceptance, unless User indicates otherwise.

Article 3 Agreement
a. An agreement is only concluded after the contract signed by the client is received by ISPA, the order confirmation representing the agreement correctly and completely.
b. If the client is of the opinion that the agreement is not correct he must indicate so within five working days in writing to make this known.
c. For agreements which are small by their nature and size no order confirmation is sent and the invoice serves as order confirmation.
d. For all other services and / or products from ISPA the rule applies that the agreement is entered into for an indefinite period of time, unless parties have expressly agreed to otherwise in writing.

Article 4 Cancellation
a. In the event of interim cancellation by the client ISPA has right to payment of the work carried out until that date, unless the cancellation is the result of facts and circumstances, that can be accounted to ISPA.
b. ISPA is entitled to withhold the preliminary results of her activities until full payment by the Client of the work performed until cancellation, unless the Client has provided a guarantee of payment.

Article 5 Fee
a. ISPA offers and invoices its activities on the ground of the price per hour, unless expressly agreed upon differently.
b. If the expected duration of the work is longer than one month and / or the offered invoice amount is higher than € 500, – (ex VAT) ISPA is entitled to payment in installments if she so desires.
c. The amounts in a quotation are valid in a legal Dutch payment method and are always excluding VAT, unless otherwise mentioned.

Article 6 Confidentiality
a. Parties, including third parties engaged in the agreement, are required to maintain confidentiality of the confidential information provided to each other, including account details, data files etc, everything in the broadest sense of the word, except when the client has given permission in writing for disclosure or when disclosure is required on the basis of legal provisions.

Article 7 Obligations of ISPA
a. The obligations of ISPA that will be included in the agreement are a result obligation.

Article 8 Liability
a. ISPA is liable for the services it seeks with auxiliary persons.
b. If ISPA is liable, then this liability is limited to what is stipulated in this provision.

Article 9 Invoices
a. Invoices from ISPA state the fee, the work performed, travel hours, travel and accommodation costs and, if applicable, costs of engaged third parties and the payment term.

Article 10 Complaints
a. Complaints about the work performed is to be communicated within eight days after discovery, but no later than five days after the invoice date in writing, and preferably as detailed possible, to ISPA by the client.
b. If the complaint is justified, ISPA will do everything possible to remedy the complaint, without providing the client any right to compensation, directly or indirectly, or damages.
c. Complaints or objections made against the invoice do not suspend the Client of payment obligation.

Article 11 Payment
a. A payment term of 30 days applies, upon which, when failing to pay, the Client will pay a penalty interest of 2% on the invoiced amount for each whole month by which the payment term is exceeded.
b. If the client remains negligent after the notice of default, ISPA reserves the right to hand over this claim to other parties, namely a debt collection agency. In which case the Client in addition to the amount due, will pay a fee to compensate the collection costs, of which the amount will be determined at 15% of the total amount due.

Article 12 Applicable law and Disputes
a. The legal relationship between the parties is bound by Dutch law.
b. Any disputes that cannot be settled amicably or through mediation are settled by the competent Dutch court.

Article 13 Conferences & symposiums
a. Admission: ISPA reserves the right to deny someone access to a conference or symposium, for example in the case of insufficient prior education or an unsuitable work setting.
b. Certificate: your presence is marked. You will receive a certificate when you have been present.
c. In the case of a conference or symposium the property right and (optional) copyright of the course material belongs to the speaker and / or workshop leader.
d. All information provided by speakers, workshop leaders & participants is provided, is confidential for all attendees during the conference. Examples could be secrecy statements, on business-sensitive information about business situations, work processes, customer groups, strategies.

Article 14 Cancellation arrangement
a. Cancellation can only be done in writing / per e-mail. As a cancellation scheme the date of receipt applies.
b. On cancellation more than a month before the start of a conference, an administrative fee of € 50 applies.
c. In case of a later cancellation the full price needs to be paid. After consultation with ISPA it is possible to have a colleague replace you at the conference. In this case, only € 50 will be charged for administrative costs.
d. Statutory reflection period: after the establishment of the agreement the participant has the right to end the agreement for 14 days registration without giving a reason, unless (in case of a conference / symposium / webinar / event) the conference / symposium / webinar / event has already begun before the expiry of the deadline.

If you are entitled to a refund, you will receive the amount at the latest
within 14 days.

ISPA Central Office
P.O.Box 24420, 1704 Nicosia, Cyprus
+357 22 591 900