Purpose of the Accreditation Committee:
The purpose of the Accreditation Committee is to support the mission of the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) to promote high standards for educating school and educational psychologists internationally.

The Accreditation Committee has three main functions:

  1. To develop and periodically update ISPA’s accreditation documents. The first document describes the goals and standards for professional training programs, while the second guides programs on the steps they should take when seeking accreditation from ISPA.
  2. To conduct accreditations of school psychology programs that have applied for ISPA accreditation. The accreditation Committee Chair is responsible for consulting with programs regarding accreditation and nominating an accreditation team of up to four committee members to carry out the accreditation process.
  3. To educate ISPA members on the accreditation process through in-person workshops at ISPA conferences, video conferences, and written materials.