Purpose of the Ethics Committee:
To provide an educative role to members about ethics issues in school psychology; to encourage and/or assist national associations of school psychology in the development of their own ethics codes; to propose a process for the revision of the existing ethics code; to review the existing ethics code to determine whether it needs to be revised; and to receive complaints of possible ethical violations, to provide assistance to those who have raised the complaints as to ways to resolve the violation and educate the violator, and to report to the Executive Committee as to the raised complaints and the committee’s recommendations for resolving them. The Committee revises the Code of Ethics every 5 to 7 years to determine if any revisions need to be made.

Committee Structure:
The Chair is appointed by the President. Additional members may be appointed by the Chair. Because the Ethics Committee addresses ethical concerns for school psychologists worldwide and given the diversity among nations, attempts are made to have broad representation from member nations. The Ethics Committee is a standing committee.