European Committee (EuroCom)
In 2001 the European Committee was founded to promote and facilitate collaboration among European school psychologists. EuroCom functions as a platform to promote European initiatives in the field of school psychology. It aims to support professional exchange and good practice among European school psychologists for the benefit of all children and in particular to promote wellbeing and the improvement of academic achievement.  Furthermore EuroCom promotes ISPA as the professional international association for school psychologists in Europe.

Structure Committee:
There are two co-chairs, Willy van Halem (Netherlands) and Margaret Grogan (Ireland). Elinor Schad (Sweden) is the contact person for NEPES (Network of European Psychologists in the Educational System) and Willy van Halem is the contact person for ESPCT (European School Psychology Centre for Training). Chairs of EuroCom are appointed by the President of ISPA. Membership of EuroCom is for European ISPA-members whose interests it supports.