Purpose of the Bully Interest Group:
The vision of the Bullying Prevention Interest Group is twofold, as we wish to keep a close eye on national and international developments in the field of research and practice within the area of bullying prevention as well as to encourage collaboration between researchers and practicing school psychologists. Practitioners are continually dealing with bullying in schools. Children and youth are exposed to verbal or physical harassment by individuals or groups at schools and this affects quality of life and health in many ways. Choosing psychological interventions leads is a challenge – when to prefer wide interventions (ecological approach) and when to prefer individual treatment. How do we combine the two approaches in schools? Our group could serve as a network for future development and testing of interventions.

We will:

  • provide a framework for interested professionals and researchers in the field of bullying.
  • encourage international collaboration in research and practice.
  • encourage and facilitate presentations on bullying and bullying prevention at the ISAP-conferences.
  • promote social networking during the annual conference ISPA-conference.

Interest Group Structure:
The Chair or Co-Chairs are appointed by the ISPA President. Additional members are appointed by the Chair or Co-Chair. We welcome both researchers and practitioners into a fruitful collaboration.