Purpose of the School Psychology Trainers Committee:

  • To initiate and develop strategies that provide information about school psychology training programs in different countries.
  • To promote quality professional preparation and in-service training for school psychologists internationally.
  • To develop collaborative research, training and intervention projects and initiatives among school psychology trainers and school psychology trainers’ groups internationally
  • To promote a multicultural/transnational framework in theory, research, training and practice in school psychology
  • To facilitate exchange of information, resources and training material.
  • To encourage collaboration for publications and conference presentations at national and international conferences.
  • To promote collaboration with graduate students of school psychology programs at a national and international level.

Symposia are organized in the ISPA Conferences every year including presentations by trainers and
graduate students from different countries.

An ISPA Networking Series Initiative for Trainers, Professionals and Graduate Students: International Synergy and Dialogos has been developed by the School Psychology Trainers Task Force. The overarching goal is to create a global network of trainers, professionals, and graduate students and to increase opportunities for dialogue and interaction between them. Thus, the networking series
aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices and to promote the incorporation of international perspectives in training and practice.

An initial survey of trainers and students provided feedback regarding online networking activities
and training topics.

A series of online activities including a launching event and four webinars (2021-2023) have been
organized in collaboration with ISPA Committees and Task Forces, with wide participation of professionals, trainers, and graduate students from many different countries.

Furthermore, The International Project: School well-being entitled Feeling CARED in school: A Journey Around the World (organized by the Laboratory of School Psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in collaboration with the ISPA School Psychology Trainers Task Force and the ISPA Student Organizing Committee) aimed to connect students around the globe and to create a shared space, thus highlighting the role of schools as protective environments. Many schools, teachers and school psychologists from different countries (USA, UK, Estonia, Cyprus and Greece) participated. The project allowed for student voices to be heard and at the online exhibition and video children’s artwork, posters, and projects from different countries can be viewed (https://international-school-project.net) (https://youtu.be/WeuT0ZPpHc0). The project was presented at the 43rd ISPA Conference (July, 2022) in Leuven, Belgium.