Presented by the
Child Well-Being and Advocacy Committee

The Child Well-being and Advocacy Committee is pleased to offer ISPA members a new service – the Child Well-Being Consultation program. It has been organized by ISPA’s Child Well-Being and Advocacy Committee (CWBAC) with the encouragement of the ISPA Executive Committee. Experts throughout the world are joining the program to lead consultation processes on topics of high interest and child rights relevance for our profession. These consultations are free of charge. The first topics for which consultation will be available and the lead participating consultants are:

1. Child Well-Being: Michael Furlong and Scott Huebner ( &
2. Child Rights Education for School Psychologists: Bonnie Nastasi (
3. Globalization: Max McFarland (
4. Living the UN Convention in Education: Kevin Woods (
5. Non-Discrimination – Multicultural and Diversity Respect: Sally Baas (
6. Social Justice As Both a Framework and a Tool For Enhanced School Psychology Practice: David Shriberg (

For each topic, as it is activated for consultation, you will find posted here a brief overview of the topic and the identification, relevant experience, and contact information for the expert consultant(s) (and, as applicable, the team), and schedules of availability. To access a brief description/overview of the topic, click on the topic title, to access details about the consultant and his/her availability click on the consultant’s name. Consultation can be scheduled at a date and time convenient for and employing the distance communication systems available to the consultant (and team) and the persons/group requesting service. Those wishing to use the consultation program services should communicate directly with the consultant(s) for the particular topic(s) of their interest.

The Child Well-being and Advocacy Committee expects to add several more topics in the next few months. Your advice in regard to desired additions will be appreciated. If you have any questions or suggestions for the overall program, please contact Stuart Hart or Jean-Claude about this.

We will appreciate hearing from you in regard to your experiences in using the program and recommendations for strengthening the program.


Jean-Claude Guillemard (; 33.164595512)
Stuart N. Hart (; 1.317.908.5088)