Purpose Retirement Resource Group:
Retired and about-to-retire ISPA colleagues and friends started to meet at our conferences since Tampere in 2007. The question “what life is there after a profession in school psychology?” guided us to explore the specifics of our actual life-phase from a general and as well personal perspective. Exchange among equally effected colleagues is stimulating and helpful in providing each other mutual support to prepare and reorganise the new phase of life and also to act and co-operate as creative and resourceful task-force.
Our major topics up to now:

  • Conditions and feelings around the transition from profession to retirement;
  • Continuing patterns and new horizons in our professional field;
  • Engagement in voluntary work – in educational, social and other fields;
  • Taking responsibilities in our professional associations, support newcomers;
  • New horizons and expertise beyond the limits of former professional life;
  • New priorities in personal development, family care and conscious ageing;
  • Awareness of our “Age Group” from a general perspective in research and Public Media and taking an active role in creating a culture of ageing.

Structure Retirement Resource Group:
Our yearly meetings are using different formats: a mixture between interaction group, workshop and committee-meeting. They are open to all conference participants, delegates and guests are both welcome.