Purpose of the Parent Education and Family Resilience Interest Group:
Parental behavior is an important factor for the healthy development and well being of all children and effective parenting is an important resilience factor in the mental health and well being of children. Adopting an ecological point of view (Bronfebrenner, 1979) parents need to be included in all types of interventions related to children. By following evidence based scientific practices, psychologists need to be thinking of ways  to strengthen family resilience by teaching parents skills that allow them to have a maximal positive impact on their children. The school context is an ideal setting to promote parent education. School psychologists are in a unique role to provide such training.

Our goals are:

  1. To promote an international platform for school psychologists, researchers and other related professionals to collaborate cross-nationally and to exchange knowledge from around the world about parent education and family resilience.
  2. To promote best practices in parent training and education in the training of school psychologists and the practice of school psychology
  3. To promote collaboration for international research on evidence based parenting practices as they relate to children’s’ well being, resilience and prevention of psychopathology (i.e. behavioral problems).