Purpose of the Convenors Interest Group:
The Convenors Interest Group was established in 1993 in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) by a group of past, present and future convenors, who worked together on the preparation of the conference manual. The interest group is an informal body of resource people (generally consisting of the last 5 or 4 conference convenors), ready to work on the continuous updating of the ISPA Conference Manual. The interest group also aims to help and support future conference convenors and potential convenors, in friendly and informal ways, by sharing their own experience, and listening to their questions, suggestions, and concerns.

Interest Group Structure:
The interest group should meet at least once during the conference to work on conference matters. Future convenors should be invited to join them and discuss any questions they may have regarding the organisation of an ISPA conference. This is particularly appropriate when they have arranged to present a proposal to EC. The time schedule for these meetings is best arranged by the members attending the conference but maybe usefully brought together during one of the conference lunches when it might be easier for the current convenor to also join.