Definition, Aims and Future Activities:
Social emotional learning (SEL) is a lifelong process of learning how to live and work with oneself and others in effective relationships and communities. SEL focuses on recognizing and learning about emotions and skills of life in dealing with emotions and learning how to manage them effectively in social settings. SEL leads to self-knowledge, self-regulation, relationship skills and awareness in various social contexts, and responsible thoughts, actions, values and behaviours.

 Purpose of Social and Emotional Learning Interest Group:
The aims of the Interest Group are:

  • To promote international interest into the practice and research of social and emotional learning.
  • To bring together researchers and practitioners to share and disseminate information about social and emotional learning and related topics.
  • To generate symposia and training on social and emotional learning for the international, annual conference of ISPA.
  • To promote the establishment of regional groups to investigate and research social and emotional learning.
  • To promote the establishment of regional groups to implement programs and interventions in school settings.
  • To provide an e-forum for collaboration, communication and sharing on social and emotional learning.
  • To mentor and assist new and emerging researchers interested in social and emotional learning.