Purpose of the interest group:
In the 21st century, internet has become a common public space, particularly among the younger generation and is increasingly visited by adults. The internet can provide the school psychologist an extensive platform for helping children, youth, parents and teachers. Furthermore, public school psychology service via the internet can facilitate prevention of major problems. Although integrating internet into our profession seems like a natural development, the everyday routine of many school psychologists, is often devoid of any kind of internet based work. Building a website for your psychological service, and using internet in your daily work may lead to uncertainties facing various professional decisions. Sometimes, this endeavor  seems like an impossible mission, but we believe that it can be successfully achieved. Our interest group could:

1. serve as a peer-network for mapping the public psychological service attendance in the internet around the world;
2. explore the existing gap between favorable attitudes of psychologists towards the usage of the Internet alongside a limited professional use of it;
3. develop practical methods for making the Internet an integral part of the profession of School Psychology.

We will:

  • Create a friendly platform (Internet Forum) for on-going discussions and exchange of knowledge in the group.
  • Perform a webinar for the group twice a year. Dates will be announced in advance.
  • Encourage international collaboration in research and practice regarding the Internet and the school psychologists’ work.
  • Encourage and facilitate presentations on School Psychologists’ work and the internet at the ISAP conferences.

Interest Group Structure:
The Chair or Co-Chairs are appointed by the ISPA President. Additional members are appointed by the Chair or Co-Chair. We welcome both researchers and practitioners to join us in a fruitful collaboration.