Purpose of the Consultee-Centered Consultation interest group:
To advocate for the practice of psychological consultation in schools by providing opportunities to discuss issues associated with psychological and educational consultation as it is practiced by ISPA members in different countries and cultures. To promote awareness of current research and foster training in psychological consultation (with an emphasis on consultee-centered consultation) by organizing workshops and symposia on the topic at annual ISPA conferences. To encourage the study of effective consultation and dissemination of evidence-based practices to school psychologists around the world.

Our goals are:

  1. In addition to yearly face to face meetings at ISPA conferences, we aim to establish ongoing digital discussion groups for members to exchange ideas and provide peer support in implementing consultation;
  2. Organize Symposia and workshops on to topics related to psychological consultation to be presented at ISPA conferences;
  3. Encourage research on consultation in different countries and cultures around the world.