Purpose of the Cal Catterall Task Force:
To provide information about financial aid available through the International School Psychology Association for attendance at its yearly conferences and to process all applications received.

Application materials are available on the ISPA website. The deadline for applications is typically by 15 March, but may be adjusted to the needs of the Conference timing. The Committee receives applications from interested applicants, maintains files on each applicant,
reviews completed applications and required documentation in early April of the conference year, and throughout the process, maintains contact with the applicant. The criteria of choosing the persons awarded is based on need, contributions or potential to the profession, service and strategic direction for ISPA. This becomes a recruitment and advocacy tool for ISPA.

When selected to receive financial aid, applicants are notified and are required to sign a contract accepting the award and stipulating their responsibilities. Throughout the process, communication is maintained with the Secretary of ISPA, the Central Office, as well as with the Conference Organizer of the upcoming conference, and a list is sent to each when all financial details are finalized and signed contracts are received.