The Accreditation Of Professional Training Programs In School Psychology

A key mission for the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) is to promote high standards in the training and preparation of school psychologists and the delivery of school psychological services. In pursuit of this mission ISPA has developed a set of goals and standards for school psychology programs that indicate the achievement levels that all new entrants to the profession should attain in order to work successfully as a school psychologist.

The goals and standards are founded on the assumption that all school psychology programs should lead to a recognized degree from a university and provide an organized, sequential program of study in a department of psychology or educational psychology (or its equivalent).

Staff responsible for running school psychology training programs are invited to apply for formal accreditation by ISPA.

Further information is provided in the following documents:

Part 1 : – The International School Psychology Association’s Training Standards
Part 2:  – How to Apply for Accreditation

The list of ISPA accredited programs:

Program Program Title Date of initial accreditation

University of Amsterdam

Master’s Track in Clinical Developmental Psychology

January, 2016

Chapman University, USA, California

Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology

December, 2011

University of Hong Kong

Master’s degree in Social Science in the field of Educational Psychology

May, 2017

University of Bologna

Master’s degree in School and Community Psychology

October, 2022

University of Nebraska, Kearney

Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology

May 2011

New Jersey City University

Master’s degree in Educational Psycholgy with

November, 2016

University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

Master’s in School Psychology

May, 2014

Lewis and Clark, Oregon, USA

Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology

May, 2012


For further details please contact the Chair of the ISPA Accreditation Committee via: