Members are persons fully trained to function as School Psychologists in their own countries at institutions recognized by their national or state authority. Members have voting rights and may stand for office in the Association.

Honorary Life Members enjoy the same privileges as Members, but do not have to pay membership fees. The criteria and procedure for awarding Honorary Life Membership are described in the Operations Handbook.

Students enrolled in school psychology programs are eligible for membership. Students are not eligible to vote or hold office. Students applying for membership in this category must submit evidence of their enrollment in a school psychology program that is recognized in their country.

Affiliated Organizations and Mission Partners are organizations with purposes, missions and goals similar to those of ISPA. There are two categories of affiliation:

  • Affiliate Organization. National, international and regional organizations that have at least 30% of their members who are school psychologists are eligible as Affiliate Organizations. The fee for affiliation shall be set by the Executive Committee and found in the Operations Handbook. Affiliate Organizations shall have one vote in the affairs of ISPA. The executive body of an Affiliate Organization shall inform the ISPA Executive Secretary of the name of the member having the authority to represent the Organization at the General Assembly. This shall be done in writing and remain in effect until a written amendment is made.
  • Mission Partner. Organizations whose members are professionals working in schools and/or education and do not meet the criteria for Affiliate Organization membership, are eligible as Mission Partners, providing there is reasonable overlap between their mission statements, goals and ethical principles and those of ISPA. Details regarding membership fees and procedures are described in the Operations Handbook. Mission Partners do not have a vote in the affairs of ISPA.


1 Year Fee

2 Year Fee

3 Year Fee

a) whose net income is above 75,000 per year

US$ 131

US$ 262

US$ 393

b) whose net income is between US$ 50,000 and 75,000 per year

US$ 113

US$ 226

US$ 339

c) whose net income is between US$ 25,000 and 50,000 per year

US$ 93

US$ 186

US$ 279

d) whose net income is between US$ 15,000 and 25,000 per year

US$ 84

US$ 168

US$ 252

e) whose net income is between US$ 10,000 and 15,000 per year

US$ 47

US$ 94

US$ 141

f) whose net income is below US$ 10,000 per year

US$ 31

US$ 62

US$ 93


US$ 31

US$ 62

US$ 93


US$ 200

US$ 400

US$ 600