The Conflict Resolution Education Connection is a web site devoted to the promotion of conflict resolution education throughout the world.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – 7 strategies for ending violence against children.

Nevin Dölek’s list for ISPA – A comprehensive list of resources on this website.

Emergency Response Plan – Form for schools developed by Kris Sieckert.

National Center for Children Exposed to Violence – NCCEV is an organization dedicated to finding solutions to the complex issues that face children, families and communities exposed to violence.

APA Trauma Resources

APA Psychology Help Center – Useful resources about resilience, violence prevention, and numerous related topics.

In the Event of a Genuine Alert – Information on civil defense for the family. A brochure sent out to the entire population in Israel in March, 2003 by the Civil Defense unit of the Home Front Command.

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages – A comprehensive list of resources on trauma and related areas.

Gift From Within – Several excellent references on trauma.

National Organization for Victim Assistance – Crisis information for everyone.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – Disasters and recovery are the focus of this U.S.-based agency.

  • FEMA (for Kids) – Helping children deal with emergencies and disasters.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Trauma and Justice – Webpage located within website of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students

Safe and Responsive Schools – Indiana Education Policy Center’s (Indiana University) project focusing on preventive school discipline.

Indicators of School Crime and Safety Series – U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.

National Institute of Mental Health

American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Response – Clinical syndromes and intervention strategies, supporting survivors after tragedy: individuals, families, responders, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and the community.

The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children – TLC’s mission is to provide school professionals, crisis intervention teams, medical and mental health professionals, child care professionals and clinicians with trauma education, training, consultation, referral services and trauma-specific intervention programs and resource materials needed to help children, parents, families, and schools traumatized by violent or non-violent trauma-inducing incidents.

Sidran Institute – A provider of traumatic stress education, publications and resources. It is a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people with traumatic stress conditions, providing education and training on treating and managing traumatic stress, providing trauma-related advocacy, and informing the public on issues related to traumatic stress.

Crisis Management Toolkit – (2004) from the USA Department of Defense Schools.

HATS – Healing After Trauma Skills Manual – Manual for professionals working with children after disasters. The manual includes a number of activities that can be used by clinicians to address issues related to trauma and disaster.

Research-Based Guidelines and Practices for School-Based Suicide Prevention – A good review for updating crisis plan sections on suicide/suicide prevention.

National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism (NACCT) – Part of the USA-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

National Center for Crisis Management

National Center for PTSD – Website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

NASP Guidance to movie “13 Reasons why” (suicide)

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Eye of the Storm, Inc. – John Weaver’s website offers information about disaster mental health (DMH) concepts, techniques, disaster preparedness, and about volunteering with the American Red Cross DMH team. The site includes detailed material on phases of response to disaster, typical reactions to traumatic events, defusing and debriefing techniques, self-care tips that can help victims and relief workers, and planning checklists to help manage relief operations.

Peace Is in Our Hands – An interactive website, available in multiple languages, of the United Nations and UNESCO promoting a worldwide culture of peace.

The Strange War – Stories available in many languages for helping children understand peace and war.

Adults and Children Together (ACT) Against Violence – A program that prepares psychologists and other professionals to teach communities that violence prevention begins early in life.

Rainbows – An international, not-for-profit organization that fosters emotional healing among children grieving a loss from a life-altering crisis.

Bullies2Buddies – Izzy Kalman’s Site on teasing and bullying. An interesting and innovative approach to dealing with bullying and violence. Child and parent manuals online.

Bully Free World – Bullying from an international perspective.

The Coalition to Support Grieving Students