European School Psychology Centre for Training (ESPCT)

ESPCT was the result of courses on Crisis Management in Schools held for European school psychologists. Having started on a local basis in Bavaria in 2002 they were held since 2003 by the European Committee of ISPA, and sponsored by the SOCRATES programme, an educational initiative of the European Union. In basic and advanced courses colleagues were trained for supporting schools in crises like school shootings, natural disasters affecting schools, accidents, suicides, deaths, bullying and in prevention of violence in schools.

In the year 2010 the Training Centre was incorporated as a foundation named ESPCT, based in the Netherlands. ESPCT stands for European School Psychology Centre for Training.

ESPCT is an independent training institute with an official status as an affiliate of ISPA. It is a non-profit institution. Throughout Europe, ESPCT provides professional development for school psychologists and for specialists practicing in related professions.

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