From December 28th 2023 to January 15th 2024, you will have the opportunity to select officers for ISPA. We will be voting on candidates for Treasurer and Secretary. The Treasurer and Secretary serve 3 years, with the possibility of reelection to 6 years. Terms for new officers begin in July 2024 at the annual conference. Please find candidate statements for the following candidates:

Slate for Treasurer

Carmelo Callueng, USA

I am currently Associate Professor of School Psychology at Rowan University in New Jersey, USA. My affiliation with ISPA dates back during my doctoral program at the University of Florida upon the invitation of Dr. Tom Oakland. As a graduate student member, I was a recipient of the Cal Catterral Award in 2012 and presented a paper at the 34th ISPA Conference in Montreal, Canada. The ensuing active membership with ISPA gave me immense opportunities to collaborate and network with scholars and school psychologists around the world in research, teaching, and leadership engagement.

Currently, I serve as chair of the Cal Catterral Financial (CCF) Aid Fund Committee and editorial board member of the International Journal of School and Educational Psychology.

To continue my support to the mission of ISPA in improving healthy development and quality of life for children globally, I commit to take on a leadership role that can further contribute in making ISPA a financially robust organization. Thus, I am deeply honored to be a candidate for the position of ISPA Treasurer. I bring to this leadership role a wealth of experiences that will help me perform the duties and responsibilities successfully with abiding qualities of collaboration, integrity, precision, and keen eye for details. First, before immigrating to USA, I served as treasurer of the Psychological Association of the Philippines for almost five years, with steady growth in finances throughout my stint. Second, I am presently the treasurer of the New Jersey Association of School Psychologists with duties that cut across maintaining financial resources from subgrants, membership, conferences, and other sources. In addition, I have familiarity with policies and regulations for non-profit entities as well as mechanisms for checking and balancing of finances. Third, as CCF chair for years, I have been working closely with the ISPA treasurer to allocate funds reasonably and equitably among recipients.

Given the chance to be elected as Treasurer, I will endeavor to administer the ISPA accounts with honesty and transparency and to explore avenues for sustainable financial growth of ISPA.

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Slate for Secretary

Elana T. Hamovitch, USA

Dear ISPA members,
Ever since my first conference in Tampere, Finland in 2007, I have been “hooked on ISPA.” I instantly fell in love with this network of incredible professionals and warm-hearted people, who share a similar passion for promoting school psychology worldwide. I have made incredible connections and lifelong friends while gaining invaluable learning opportunities to expand my knowledge base and grow as a practitioner. Over the past 16 years, my involvement has grown from volunteering at the ISPA table at NASP conferences to facilitating interaction groups at ISPA conferences to attending the pre-conference Leadership Workshop to being co-editor of the WGR.

As co-editor of the WGR, I often work closely with the current ISPA Secretary and communicate with the Executive Committee and Central Office. It has been enjoyable to learn more about the history and the inner workings of our Association.
The position of ISPA Secretary is a good fit for me because of my desire for the role, my personability, and my requisite skill set. I am detail-oriented, have good organizational and note-taking skills, and have a creative side, as well. I am also a hard worker, resourceful, and collaborative. You will have my full commitment to doing the best job possible and hope to be a great asset to the Executive Committee.

Thank you for your consideration.

Elana T. Hamovitch, M.Ed.

Previous related experience:

  • July 2023 – Presidential Citation – 44th ISPA Conference – Bologna, Italy
  • 2020 → present – ISPA World*Go*Round, Co-Editor
  • 2018 → present – Leader, Cal Aggie Alumni Association – San Diego Network
  • 2010 → 2018 – President, Cal Aggie Alumni Association – San Diego Chapter
  • 2008 → 2010 – Vice President, Cal Aggie Alumni Association – San Diego Chapter
  • 2005 → 2008 – Secretary, Cal Aggie Alumni Association – San Diego Chapter
  • 2004 → present – School Psychologist, Grossmont Union High School District
  • 2004 → 2019 – Hebrew School Teacher, Temple Emanu-El
  • 1996 → 1997 – Secretary of the Jewish Student Union, UC Davis

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Slate for Secretary

Tascha Just, USA

Osiyo/Hello friends and colleagues,
My name is Tascha Just, Ed.S., and it is with profound respect that I announce my candidacy for ISPA Board Secretary.Drawing from a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, I have developed a deep-seated ability to connect with diverse communities—a skill integral to the role of Secretary. My multilingual abilities underscore my dedication to inclusive communication, essential for the diverse makeup of our board. In my professional journey as a licensed school psychologist, I have honed skills vital for the Secretary role: meticulous record-keeping, advanced organizational strategies, and an unwavering commitment to equitable practices.

My active engagement in mental health advocacy and special education, as seen through my contributions to the Children’s Justice Act Task Force and my role as a Racial Equity Advocate, reflects my proactive leadership. Such dedication is validated by my peers, who have entrusted me with leadership positions on several educational executive boards. I pledge to serve with steadfast commitment, ensuring that our board’s actions are recorded with integrity and accuracy. Energized by the possibility of collaborating with our international colleagues, I am eager to contribute to our mission, enhancing our community’s welfare. In presenting my candidacy, I am both confident and hopeful. My unique blend of skills is poised to enrich our board’s esteemed legacy. I am grateful for your consideration and am eager to apply my expertise towards our shared success. Wado/Pidamayaye/Miigwech/Thanks/Gracias/Shukran/ धन्यवाद /Merci/ Tsaug/谢谢/ Ευχαριστώ

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Slate for Secretary

Panagiota Dimitropoulou, Greece

Ι am submitting this candidate statement for the position of the Secretary of ISPA with a great sense of responsibility and sincere willingness to respond in the most effective way possible to the associated duties. Ι initially joined the global community of the Association as a Graduate student in School Psychology in 2001 when attended my first conference at Dinan in northwestern France. Since then, ISPA has generously offered to me a lot of unique opportunities and experiences throughout the years, including the Cal Catterall memorial Fund award for attending the Colloquium at Exeter in 2004, my participation at the Local Organizing Committee in the 27th ISPA Colloquium in Athens in 2005, my constant presence in more than ten Colloquia in different countries and my involvement in Leadership Workshops for the Strategic Planning for the Future of ISPA and the Ethics Committee.

Most importantly, ISPA has provided me with the potential of networking and relationship building with exceptional colleagues worldwide.
On professional level, a long career has been gradually paved first by working as a practitioner School Psychologist in applied settings, such as school communities and mental health centers for children and adolescents; then elected as a faculty member in higher education institutions (Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology of the University of Crete – now tenured-since 2017 till the present). At the same time, I have served as the Co-Coordinator of the Division of School Psychology (2019-2022) representing also the Hellenic Psychological Society (HPS) in the General Assembly of ISPA. The scope and activities of the Division are described in a relevant article of the WGR (2021, V9N3). Finally, I was elected as a Convenor (2019-2021) of the Board of Promotion and Prevention of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) on behalf of the Association of Greek Psychologists.
Throughout the aforementioned career path, I have gained a range of insightful administrative and professional experiences, which have contributed to my personal development on qualifications and soft skills closely associated to the position of the Secretary such as communication and organizational skills, team working, planning, and flexibility among others. Likewise, as a potential member of the EC, I aspire to advance the efforts of the Association to promote SP in an inclusive and transnational way. Hence, I would be truly grateful for your support and consideration of my candidacy, and it will be a great honor for me to work collaboratively for the accomplishment of common goals and the vision of ISPA.

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