1. Consultant
Dr. David Shriberg
Associate Professor of School Psychology, Loyola University Chicago; Editor, Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation
Loyola University Chicago
Chicago, IL, US

Loyola University Chicago
820 N. Michigan Avenue
School of Education
Chicago, IL 60611

Email: dshribe@luc.edu
Phone: 001-224-456-9450

2. Consultant history
A former practitioner, I am the lead editor of School Psychology and Social Justice: Conceptual Foundations and Tools for Practice (Shriberg, Song, Miranda, and Radliff, 2013), which is published by Routledge. I have been actively involved in social justice issues in school psychology for the past ten years. I also am a founder and first chairperson of NASP’s Social Justice Interest Group, as well as the lead author of the “Supporting Children Within a Social Justice Framework” module in the International School Psychology Curriculum developed by the Children’s Rights and Social Justice workgroup in Division 16 of APA. I have authored or edited dozens of articles and book chapters related to school psychology and social justice and I present regularly on this topic, including a chapter on social justice advocacy in the most recent edition of Best Practices in School Psychology: Foundations.

I am always looking for ways both to support others and to learn and to grow myself. While I live and work in the US and am happy to provide consultation to those based in the US, I am particularly interested in discussing and supporting the enactment of social justice principles outside of the US. While I believe heavily in culturally responsive practice and adapting one’s work to fit the appropriate local culture, I also believe that social justice has the potential to be a unifying force and framework for school psychologists throughout the world.

3. Consultant availability
The best way to reach me is via my email address of dshribe@luc.edu. Depending on the nature of the advice/information you are seeking, most likely I will then request that we do a video connection through Google Hangout or Skype if this is possible. Otherwise, I am happy to converse via email or phone at a mutually agreeable time.

4. Recommended publications, programs, or websites for those interested in this topic

A. Recommended Website:

B. Recommended Book:

  • Shriberg, D., Song, S. Y., Miranda, A. H., & Radliff, K. M. (2013). School psychology and social justice: Conceptual foundations and tools for practice. New York: Routledge.

C. Recommended Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

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