The ISPA Award for Outstanding International School Psychology Practice is offered annually by the International School Psychology Association (ISPA) to an ISPA member or a team which contains an ISPA member who has/have demonstrated exemplary contributions to professional practice in the field of international school psychology that merits special recognition.

Any person(s) eligible for this award must be fully paid members of ISPA. If only one member of the nominee team is an ISPA member, that person will be the receiver of this award on behalf of the team.  Nomination materials must address the following points:
–      The countries or cultural groups with which the nominee has worked.
–      Ways in which the nominee has encouraged development of school psychology locally, regionally or internationally.
–      Examples of how the nominee’s work is congruent with professional practice philosophy.
–      The originality of the work.
–      The demonstrated impact of the work on the advancement or promotion of school psychology in general and/or on specific practices or developments.

Nomination materials must include;
–      A 2 page nomination letter highlighting the nominee’s unique contributions to international school psychology practice.
–      The nominee’s curriculum vitae.
–      Three letters of support for the nominee.
–      Electronic copies of at least 3 publications that best represent the nominee’s contribution to professional practices. These might include: print or other media reports, journal articles, or any other article or report reflecting the nominee’s contributions.

Nominations together with appropriate documentation should be sent electronically to the ISPA Central Office and copied to the Chair of the Professional Development and Practices Committee and the Past President of ISPA. The closing date for nominations is April 9, 2021 of the year the award would be presented.