ISPA is a non-governmental organization officially affiliated to UNESCO.

Since its foundation, ISPA has successfully promoted the spread of school psychology, particularly in countries where the profession was not fully established. This process has been facilitated through the ISPA conference, held each year in a different country. This gathering of professionals from around the world has an impact on the development of the profession in the host country as well as providing an important forum for professionals from around the world.

ISPA is strongly committed to improving healthy development and quality of life for children everywhere. ISPA has thus made children’s human rights a high priority in its international work during the last decade and will maintain this emphasis in the future. For this purpose, ISPA has initiated and collaborated with international endeavors that benefit children or hold a genuine promise to do so. The involvement of school psychology at the national level will significantly strengthen many of these projects.

There is growing demand for school psychologists to broaden their spheres of influence. The valuable knowledge and experience we have accumulated in confronting the realities of modern life enables us to take a more active role in the community. We can now place these at the service of the national and local leadership of different countries, both political and educational, helping them to develop and implement programs designed to improve the quality of schools and the lives of children.