WEBINAR ‒ open to all ISPA members

Friday May 31st 2024
6 am San Francisco (PDT)
8 am Dallas (CDT)
9 am New York (EDT)
10 am São Paulo
3 pm Paris, Cape Town
4 pm Nicosia
8 pm Bangkok
9 pm Hongkong, Beijing
10 pm Seoul
11 pm Sydney

Duration: 90 min

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Presenters: Mary (Rina) M. Chittooran, PhD, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, USA and Deborah A. Stiles, PhD, Webster University, St. Louis, USA.

Rina Chittooran is a professor and nationally certified school psychologist. She is Associate Editor of ISPA’s International Journal of School & Educational Psychology, co-chair of the Ethics Committee of the School Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association, and served on the task force that revised ISPA’s 2021 Code of Ethics. She has taught, presented, and published on ethics and artificial intelligence.
Debbie Stiles is a professor, licensed psychologist, cross-cultural researcher, and human rights fellow who has worked with children in thirteen countries. She was a Fulbright Scholar in Norway and a Sverdrup International Scholar in Japan.


Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is being increasingly used in international school psychology in the areas of research, training, and practice.
This interactive webinar uses demonstrations and case examples to introduce participants to GenAI applications in international school psychology.
It addresses common concerns surrounding the use of GenAI, outlines its potential benefits and risks, describes an ethical, human rights framework to facilitate understanding of GenAI, and ends with recommendations that promote the ethical use of GenAI in international school psychology.