ISPA will hold two elections for the Secretary and Treasurer positions in 2024. Each officer serves on the ISPA Executive Committee (EC) for three-year terms. They will join the President-Elect, President, and Past President on the Executive Committee. The terms of the new Treasurer and Secretary will run from July 2024 to July 2027. All meetings, as well as written and verbal communications, will be in English.

The current ISPA Executive Committee:

  • Véronique Le Mézec, France – President (2023-2025; EC term ends 2027)
  • Chryse Hatzichristou, Greece – Past President (2023-2025; EC term ends 2025)
  • Kristen Varjas, USA – President-Elect (2023-2025; EC term ends 2029)
  • Odeth Bloemberg, Netherlands – Secretary (2021-2024) (second term)
  • Michael Sheehan, Ireland – Treasurer (2021-2024) (first term)

From the ISPA Bylaws:

The Secretary shall serve a three-year term of office, record and distribute the minutes of the Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings, and officially announce all meetings of the Association.

The Treasurer shall serve a three-year term of office, be responsible for the receipt and disbursement of funds as authorized by the Executive Committee, prepare a proposal for the annual budget, and provide for an audit of funds.

Eligibility and Procedure:

Any current ISPA member in good standing is eligible for office. A current member may nominate any other current member (please check with them before you nominate them). Self-nominations are also welcome.

Students are not eligible to vote or hold office. (Bylaws, I)

Officers of the Association may serve a maximum of six consecutive years in one or more elected offices. They may be nominated and stand for office again after not serving as an officer for three or more years. (Bylaws, III.2)

Please send your nomination to the ISPA Central Office at the following email address: by October 31, 2023 (Subject line: Election for Secretary/Treasurer). We will follow up by requesting a written candidate statement from each of the nominees by November 20, 2023, as the candidate statements will be included in the December issue of World-Go-Round. Electronic ballots for the election will be sent in early January 2024, as indicated in the ISPA Bylaws.

Dr. Sissy Hatzichristou
Past President