Vítor Alexandre Coelho, ISPA Past President

The International School Psychology Association (ISPA) is seeking nominations for President for the term 2025 to 2027. The mandate encompasses a 6-year term, starting in July 2023 (as President-Elect) and ending in July 2029 (as Past-President). The election for President will be held in January 2023 by electronic ballot.


From the ISPA Bylaws

The President shall serve a two-year term of office, shall be responsible for and conduct the business of the Association in coordination with the Executive Secretary and the Central Office, shall represent the Association at all formal functions or designate someone to represent the Association, and shall chair the Executive Committee. The President-Elect shall serve a two-year term of office and shall serve as the President of the Association should the President be unable or unwilling to function and shall assume the office of the President at the end of the President’s term. The Past President shall serve a two-year term of office and shall serve as the President of the Association should the President and the President-Elect be unable or unwilling to function. The Past President shall chair the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Nominations and Elections Committee.

From ISPA’s Operations Handbook: The President shall be the spokesperson for ISPA. Information concerning ISPA positions or issues shall be channelled through the President. The President is responsible, together with the Secretary (…), for preparing the agenda and announcing the date, location and time for Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings. The President appoints committee chairs. These appointments are made in compliance with organization policy and in consultation with the Executive Committee. Letters are written to each chair regarding their appointment. The President shall serve as Chair of the Membership Committee. The President-Elect conducts the Leadership Workshop at the annual conference and assists the Past President in conference planning duties.

The elected officers will meet yearly for an Executive Committee meeting at the annual Conference. The expense for attending these events is covered by ISPA. These meetings take place in July. There will be an expectation of regular e-mail interaction, participation in Zooms calls that are arranged by the President, and other matters that arise. All meetings as well as written and verbal communications are in English. The current ISPA Executive Committee:

  • Chryse Hatzichristou – President – Greece (2021-2023; EC term ends 2025)
  • Verónique Le Mézec – President-Elect – France (2023-2025; EC term ends 2027)
  • Vítor Alexandre Coelho – Past-President – Portugal (EC term ends 2023)
  • Odeth Bloemberg- Secretary – Netherlands (2021-2024), (second term)
  • Michael Sheehan – Treasurer – Ireland (2021-2024), (first term)


Eligibility and Procedure

Any current ISPA member in good standing is eligible for office. A current member may nominate any other current member. (Please check with them before you nominate them.) Self-nominations are also welcome. Students are not eligible to vote or hold office. (Bylaws, I.3)

Officers of the Association may serve a maximum of six consecutive years in one or more elected offices. They may be nominated and stand for office again after not serving as an officer for three or more years (Bylaws, III.2) All nominees are required to state their interest in running for office no later than October 31, 2022. Please send an email to the following: vitorcoelho@por.ulusiada.pt stating your desire to run if you wish. You will then be asked to provide a picture and a written statement by November 7, 2022, so both your picture and your statement can be posted on the website and in the December issue of WGR.