The International School Psychology Association is very concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Europe following the military actions and the escalating situation in Ukraine. ISPA in solidarity with the international community offers our strong support to all adults and children affected by this enormous crisis. High levels of armed violence and insecurity have a destructive impact on human rights affecting especially children and youth. As school psychologists we are aware that the impact of armed conflicts on children is disproportionate and that armed conflicts can dramatically change a child’s life. Exposure to violence, separation from family, loss, injury, loss/destruction of property, displacement, lack of food, shelter or medical care constitute the devastating reality of children in armed conflicts and can have significant impact on their overall functioning and well-being. Research also highlights the intergenerational impact of war on child health and mental health. We unite with our colleagues in the internationally community in standing for principles of peace, freedom, justice and respect for human rights and appeal for the cessation of armed conflicts. We will join forces with colleagues and agencies internationally to support our colleagues and school personnel in the areas affected to alleviate the suffering of children and families and improve their adjustment and well-being.

On behalf of the ISPA Executive Committee