The International School Psychology Association (ISPA) promotes principles and practices that aim to
advance unprejudiced and inclusive personal, social, and cultural values and attitudes, and act in ways that
are in the best interest of children and youth, educators, parents, institutions, communities, and the profession.
School psychologists are committed to the principle that the contributions of school psychology need to be
available to everyone. School psychologists facilitate free access to educational, social, and psychological
services (ISPA, 2021). As the school year begins in 2021 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that
we continue to address current and emerging needs of the populations of children we serve and work with to
ensure the well-being of our communities. An ISPA leadership workshop was convened preceding the annual
conference in July 2021, to discuss key considerations, priorities, and recommendations taking into account
local, national, and transnational needs during the pandemic and post-pandemic era. The leadership workshop
included participants from many different countries, collaborating in workgroup discussions, which collectively
informed the issues and statements included in this document

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